Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must meet their country’s eligibility requirements. Generally, the following requirements apply:

  • Citizen of an eligible African country
  • Minimum academic requirement: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Mid-level to senior-level professional, currently employed in a relevant field
  • Meet relevant post-graduate work experience requirements
  • For Australia Awards Scholarships, applicants must be at least 25 years and not older than 52 years at the date of application.
  • For Australia Awards Short Courses, applicants must be at least 25 years and not older than 55 years by June 2021.
  • Demonstrate a clear vision of how the knowledge gained through the scholarship will be used to improve policy, practice or reform in their home country
  • Satisfactory English proficiency to enable full participation in a training course delivered in English
  • Satisfy all requirements of the Australian Government for the appropriate student visa (subclass 500).
Eligible Countries Short Course Awards Australia Awards Scholarships
Botswana ✔ ✔
Cameroon ✔  
Cote d’Ivoire ✔  
Ethiopia ✔  
Ghana ✔ ✔
Kenya ✔ ✔
Madagascar ✔ ✔
Malawi ✔ ✔
Mauritius ✔ ✔
Mozambique ✔
Namibia ✔  
Nigeria ✔ ✔
Rwanda ✔  
Senegal ✔  
Somalia ✔  
South Africa ✔ ✔
South Sudan ✔  
Tanzania ✔
Uganda ✔  
Zambia ✔
Zimbabwe ✔  

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